DKLA - export of danish energy technologies to Los angeles

DKLA is a Public-Private Partnership, funded by Energistyrelsen - The Danish Energy Authority, whose mission is to connect technology, solutions, knowhow, culture, and people from Denmark with the City of Los Angeles which has the most ambitious sustainability agenda in the U.S. Its purpose is in part to introduce significant stakeholders leading the sustainability agenda in Los Angeles to Danish solutions, in part to prepare Danish stakeholders to help Los Angeles achieve its ambitious goals. The DKLA Partnership will achieve this through a webinar series, intended to serve as a two-way matchmaking and information-sharing forum, as well as a visit to Los Angeles for the SelectLA conference in October 2021.

Denmark has long been recognized as a leader in the development and deployment of sustainable solutions, including the world's highest proportion of wind energy, the world's most efficient water treatment facility which produces more energy than it consumes, more efficient buildings, cleaner and more efficient urban transportation systems, and a culture of sustainability with both deep and broad buy-in from the population, among many significant achievements.

As the leader of the Green Transition in the United States, the City of Los Angeles under the leadership of Mayor Garcetti has chosen the LADWP to achieve the ambitious goals set out in the Sustainable City pLAn and in L.A.'s Green New Deal.

The Federation of Danish Industries in a 2019 report estimated that export of Danish sustainable solutions within the EU alone could eliminate 1,500 million tons of carbon. Danish solutions can help the LADWP solve problems and achieve its goal on or before time.

  • City of Los Angeles - Mayor's Office of International Affairs
  • World Trade Center - Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Southern California Edison
  • Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator
  • Danish-American Business Council - Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation


DKLA is financed by Energistyrelsen to promote the export of sustainable solutions to the US, and through this funding Erhverv Norddanmark will provide financial support that covers the travel costs for seven companies. To be eligible for the support, you must be able to document that California is a new market for your business.


2 March   2021,15:30 - 16:30Introduction to the DKLA program

- Rewatch the webinar - in Danish

30 March 2021, 15:30 - 16:00Internationalization Readiness

- Rewatch the webinar - In Danish

15 April      2021,17:00 - 18:00Leading the Sustainability Revolution in the US

- In English

29 April     2021,17:00 - 18:00Public Utility Without Equal in the US
- In English

11 Maj     2021,17:00 - 18:00Electricity to 15 million Users
- In English

20 August 2021,  
14:00 - 16:00 

20 and 21 October 2021

Commitment - Startup Café 
- In Danish/English

Departure from Aalborg October 19, 2021 - kl. 06.30 via Amsterdam
Return from Los Angeles October 25, 2021 - kl. 13.55 from LA

For more information, contact Kurt Bennetsen on: or +45 36 96 06 03.

Download our flyer HERE.



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