AXEL was founded in Los Angeles, California with a singular mission: to deliver tangible results to European companies launching or expanding their business in the U.S. through a deep and broad knowledge from both inside and outside of the United States market. AXEL helps companies based in Europe with its Act To Export approach to develop successful market engagement in the United States.

AXEL engages with its clients in 4 principal ways:
  1. Strategic Advice: We ask thoughtful, open-ended questions to ensure our clients engage with the U.S. market in the most appropriate manner.
  2. Execution of Strategy: We help our clients pursue successful engagement with the U.S. market in close collaboration with both their executives and their front-line team.
  3. Matchmaking to Moneymaking: We help our clients develop engaging relationships with stakeholders and clients to create ongoing customer relationships.
  4. Service: We provide a range of services to clients who either have no presence in the U.S., or to clients who do not yet have a presence at the appropriate level.

    AXEL works towards a sustainable and inclusive economy, which provides a better way for entrepreneurs and corporates alike to engage with the U.S. market and to provide environmentally sustainable solutions to stakeholders in the economy of the future. We have experience working with Fortune 500 companies, global corporations, startups, and scaleups.
We serve as directors on the boards of organizations in California bridging business between the U.S. and Europe. We have engaged with other successful companies and may be a good fit for your company.

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